Schwer Level 9 Cut Resistant Glove Stainless Steel Mesh Metal Wire Glove Durable Rustproof Reliable Cutting Glove Latest Material - -

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The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) defined 9 levels of cut resistance that indicate how many grams of cutting load a glove can withstand from a sharp blade before being penetrated. A1: 200 - 499 grams A2: 500 - 999 grams A3: 1000 - 1499 grams A4: 1500 - 2199 grams A5: 2200 - 2999 grams A6: 3000 - 3999 grams A7: 4000 - 4999 grams A8: 5000 - 5999 grams A9: 6000+ grams So Level A9 means that this new stainless steel glove can performe 20 cuts under a load of 6000g, all these cutting distannce were greater than 50mm.So it has reached the highest cut-proof rating. Family and Restaurant kitchen: fish and shellfish processing, poultry processing, vegetables cutting Supermarket and butchery work: Handling goods,meat processing, factory workshop and so on Industrial products processing: plastic processing, leather processing, wood processing, glass processing, paper processing, cloth processing There are so many injuries in our daily life and work, that i can cite a lot of examples. Slaughter, cut vegetables, shell, and handle oysters, our hands will suddenly be bitten by a knife in the kitchen! If you cut meat for a living, or you do some woodworking, construction, your hands protection are more inevitable! Everyone knows that hands are important in our lives and work, so they are always exposed to danger. Maintaining the status quo and making oops all day can't help anything.That's where Schwer cut resistant gloves come in

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