Under Armour Intergrated Football Pants, Padded Football Girdle, Gameday Football Pants, Youth & Adults sizes, : Sports & Outdoors

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Price USD:$21.37 - $30.00*



Under Armour, the brand trusted by professional athletes and hometown heroes alike built their brand on a vision, to inspire you with performance solutions you never knew you needed, and can't imagine living without. The brand helps players of all sizes and skill levels, exceed their athletic expectations all while protecting their most valued tool. From the very start, UA is devoted to product innovation, meticulously crafting a line of protective apparel that enables competitors at every level to push the limits with full body Protection. From optimally compressive fabrics to dynamic pad systems, Game Day Armour apparel is designed to out-perform, proven to protect and built to last longer than any other brand! UA's performance 5 pad girdle is designed to perform to the extreme, with McDavid's Hex Technology, providing lightweight padding and ventilation where athletes need it the most. The ergonomic range of motion keeps you flexible and comfortable through every tackle, lunge, squat, and run. Available in a both youth and adult sizes. Our new thread texturing techniques and polymer developments eliminated the need for elastane: these products perform better, last even longer—and can be completely recyclable. This innovation is revolutionary not just for us - it’s a future game-changer for the entire athletic apparel industry at a scale we haven’t seen elsewhere. UA continues to challenge themselves to engineer more materials that are 100% recyclable. Please feel free to click the Under Armour Link above to see our full line of sports and protective wear for men, women, adults, and youth of all sizes.

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