GREEN MOUNT GSFNG98 Garden Hose Nozzle, Fireman's Hose Heavy Duty Nozzle, High Pressure Sprayer with Ergonomic Handle for Arthritis : Garden & Outdoor

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GREEN MOUNT ranks as one of the top suppliers of lawn and garden watering equipment in the world. We specialize in designing, manufacturing and branding in the industry for decades. The core products range from personal watering supplies such as light duty/ heavy duty nozzles,light duty/ heavy duty garden hoses to semi-auto operated sprinklers. Along with the watering supplies, we have shipped the own constructed hose reels and yard decors to customers. Together with GREEN MOUNT, we make your garden green again. Innovation is what we have continuously striving for. We are here to offer the products and services that accommodate the our modern lifestyle. We always stand behind our single product This nozzle features many functions, modes and provides versatile operations such as gentle shower for watering delicate flowers or powerful jet for reaching far distance objectives. Functions can be changed easily by simply twisting the head of nozzle This fireman spray nozzle features a large switch handle. It is a perfect design for people who suffer arthritis. The handle serves both well, as a handle and as a notch for turning the hose on and off. The handle acts as an independent shut off that we don't have to twist the nozzle through all of the spray patterns every time we want to turn the water on or off. The lever is super easy to pull and provides a steady supply water coming out. The nozzle provides a constant strong and easily adjustable stream. The water can reach far by switching to the jet function. Spraying patterns range from fine mist for daily watering plants to powerful jet for car washing and driveway cleaning.

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