Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater, 1.32GPM/5Litre Capacity, 6-IN-1 Multiple Protection, 7 More Usage Scenarios, Low Pressure Startup, Black - -

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When the device detects a high concentration of carbon monoxide or a lack of oxygen in the combustion chamber, it triggers the device which immediately shuts off the power supply, shuts down the solenoid valve, and prevents the propane gas from continuing to escape. 99% of the heat exchanger is made of pure copper for improved thermal efficiency. The outer surface is tin-plated and anti-corrosive, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and has a long service life. It is suitable for various skin types. This burner is made of high temperature resistant stainless steel, which produces uniform and smooth fire, long service life and stable combustion. Foruee shower head with 3 modes, each mode is a special shower experience for you;The water is fine dense and uniform that will take the skin feels gentle and comfortable. On/off switch let your showing easier. Connect gas supply and water supply to the right position, now you and your lovely family lovely pet can enjoy endless hot water anywhere anytime. No matter how cold the water is, this tankless water heater will can heated it to a point that will scald you because you can adjust the flame and water flow to the unit. So if the water is extremely cold, you can turn the flame to high and the flow to low. No preheating, no waiting, You can get hot water in about 3 seconds. If you have a big family, this instant water heater will be your best choice. The ignition of this product is battery-powered ignition, it is suitable for working in a variety of situations without electricity. It’s also very useful when we lose power after a hurricane. This product is small in size and easy to place, it is suitable for tiny spaces and save space for your other necessities. Because water is heated on demand, tankless water heating saves on energy costs over traditional water heating methods. Operational life up to 50,000 hours, help you save a lot of money. Make Showering Outside a Snap! Foruee F5 Tankless Water Heater 10 KW3 volts

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