YBEKI NAMUCUO Bike Tyre Repair Tool Kit - Bicycle Tool kit with 210 Psi Mini Pump 10-in-1 Multi-Tool(with Chain Breaker), Tyre Levers &Tire Patch, Bone Wrench, 1 Saddle Bag. 6 Month Warranty : Sports & Outdoors

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The multifunctional folding tool has 10 functions. We also equip this tool with a chain hook, which can provide a good help when you disassemble the chain. There is also an auxiliary hex wrench for the chain tool and a spare thimble. The 3-in-1 tire lever has three purposes. The crowbar can be used to remove the tire and the file needed to polish the punctured tire. and the remaining patches can be stored between the two tire levers when not in use, so that the patches can be better stored. The multi-purpose bone wrench has 10 functions (6-15), and the small and exquisite design makes it easy to carry and is the best helper when traveling. The large-capacity saddle bag can put all products in it and has extra space. Although it can hold a lot of things, we recommend not to store heavy objects, because during riding, the overloaded weight will greatly reduce the service life of the saddle bag. After binding the saddle bag to the bicycle, check whether the binding is tight, because too loose will cause the saddle bag fixing strap to be damaged as the bicycle jumps during driving.

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