Med SPA Care Handheld Vacuum Cupping Set/Head Massager/Full Body Massager/Best Fat Burnersr- Chinese Ancient Acupuncture Therapy for Back Pain, Lose Belly Fat Fast, Value Gifts (Luxury 24-Cups Set): Sports & Outdoors

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Warm Tip: If the air gun cannot air-bleed, please check whether the valve is open or sealed. Open state normal air-bleed, sealing ustate unable to air-bleed. Bruise Warning: 1.If you leave the cup on any area for longer than 12 mins, it may leave purple marks. Use less suction or shorter time instead. 2.Cupping may cause skin to turn red, blue or purple, especially if there is an injury or energetic blockage in the area that was cupped. 3.The bruising or discoloration is rarely painful and is temporary, but can last anywhere from a few days to a week. Cautions: If subject experiences dizziness or fainting during cupping, stop application immediately, give warm water to drink and rest. Limit application to 15 minutes. 1.Don't use cupping on patients with heart diseases, high blood pressure, tumor, pregnant women, menstruation, coma or convulsions. 2.Absolutely prohibited cupping if you suffer from hemorrhagic disorders, such as the patients with platelets (prone to bleeding), hemophilia, leukemia, pernicious anemia ect diseases. 3.STOP cupping if there is wound in your skin, in case of wound infection. 4.During the cupping operation, you should cupping in one direction and do not cupping back and forth. 5.If the fracture is not healed, do not cupping. 6.Ban cupping when hunger, satiety and alcoholics. Act in airy place where not too much windy. Use the body active oil and mint essential oils on body, help relieve pain, or olive oil (natural VE), use the Emulsion or liquid essence (hyaluronic acid) on face cupping. Rub on your skin before Guasha or cupping or Moxibustion. On face, or the area of discomfort or neutralize detoxify areas of the body, even without applying any oil. Must remember: Must remember to drinking Warm-water more than usual in the scraping or cupping or moxibustioning, to help detoxification go out from body. Note: After Guasha, Cupping and Moxibustion, at least half an hour or more long time before them can eat foods and touch the cold water, to prevent colds, and cold airflow invading the skin and body, but can drinking hot or warm water.

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