Sweetzer & Orange Reward Stickers for Teachers. 1008 Stickers for Kids in 9 Designs. 1 Inch School Stickers on Sheets. Teacher Supplies for Classroom, Potty Training Stickers, Motivational Stickers : Office Products

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FunFRENZ Rewards Kids In a HUGE Way! Move on over gold star, and take a hike smiley face! … Because The FunFRENZ Squad has moved in to make kids feel MORE motivated than ever! 1008 Stickers on 14 Sticker Sheets with 9 excited characters who can’t WAIT to let your kids know they’re rocking results! These 1 inch stickers are larger than most sheet stickers, because BIG effort needs BIG recognition, right? And that’s not all – unlike other reward stickers, ours are all ORIGINAL Illustrations, never seen before! So kids will now work extra hard to try and collect the set (or two of their fave!)

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