Protorq TORX PLUS IPR, Torx Plus 5-Point Tamper-Proof Security Bits (IPR 7-IPR 40), 25mm, 10 -Pieces, High Grade S2 Steel - -

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10pcs 1 inch TORX PLUS IPR insert bits: TORX IPR 7, TORX IPR 8, TORX IPR 9, TORX IPR 10, TORX IPR 15, TORX IPR 20, TORX IPR 25, TORX IPR 27, TORX IPR 30, TORX T40 The most commonly used sizes you'll encounter in automobiles, engines, motorcycles, dashboards, computers, toys, appliances and consumer electronics, other protected parts.. This bit set comes with a handy storage clip so you'll never lose one of these drivers on the job. Universal 1/4"hex shank allow the user to insert the bit directly into the almost all bit holder or chuck. Each bit features a precision-machined tip for ideal fit in screw head recesses, resulting in less stripped screws. This bit set comes with a durable bit holder, is very convenient for storage and organization.

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