HOMAR No Tie Shoelaces for Kids Adults Stretch Elastic Tieless No Tie Shoe Laces: Clothing

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made of high quality silicone 100% waterproof easy to clean with a damp cloth always like new unique grip design not come out easily can be streched with outer force soft and no pressure points at the top of feet strong elasticity keep intact after 10,000 stretch test no need to worry the sudden breakage pull out if you want to remove these shoe laces Frequently Asked Questions: Q. Is one pack for one pair of shoes? And how do I choose a proper size? A. Yes, sometimes. a. 1 pack consists of 12 + 12pcs of different lengths, and if necessary you can install them both in a pair of adult shoes by using the longer shoelaces and in a pair of kid shoes by using the extra laces. b. These no tie laces are suitable for both kids and adults. c. If you would like your shoes tighter, cross installation will help a lot. d. Our no tie shoelaces fit both wide and narrow feet. Q. Installation is not easy as others said? A. Yes, sometimes. a. HOMAR no tie shoelaces are made strong and thick connection. b. Grommets/eyelets vary. It might not be easy to install the first time but as a once for all solution, you gonna save lots of time and effort in the future. c. Stiff blunt ended tools/pliers/tweezers are recommended for shoes with small grommets/eyelets. d. Not applied for shoes with fabric loop eyelets. Q. They are easily broken? A. NO, of course. a. These are made of selected food grade silicone with long lasting elasticity. They can be really stretchy and durable. b. Strict quality tests are undertaken for every single piece. c. Return & refund is guaranteed if there should be defectives. Q. Can these shoelaces be removed from the shoes they are on and moved to a different pair of shoes? A. Yes, of course. a. These no tie laces have very strong elasticity. b. If you want to remove, pull the lace from one side with force and it will snap out without broken, then do the same with the other side.

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