9 Watch Winder with LED Backlight, Remote Control, LCD Display and 2 Watches Storage Compartment (Carbon + Black): Watches

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The rotors can be programmed to operate independently. You can set an individual program for each rotor depending on the watch model you’re placing into it. Unused rotors can be disabled. The automatic watch design does not allow the main spring to get ‘overwound’ but the opportunity to accurately set the number of turns per day prevents excessive wear of the winding mechanism. The 15 available winding programs provide compatibility with any watch models. You can set the number of turns per day from 650 to 1950 TPD in combination with any rotation direction. The LCD display with touch control and the included remote control provide a very easy setup. An electronic controller counts every turn of the watch to maintain supreme winding precision. There are 3 rotation directions available: clockwise; counterclockwise bi-directional (mixed). In the mixed mode, the rotor rotates clockwise and counterclockwise alternately. The rotors are very quiet. You can hardly hear them spinning. The watch winder is suitable for large watches. The maximum watch case diameter is 60 mm (2.3”). The watch winder features a Motor-Stop Option. When you open the door, the rotors stop automatically. This prevents possible breakdowns of the winding mechanism while installing or removing watches. The DOOR LOCK will prevent unwanted access. Just lock the door to prevent your kids from playing with your watches. The watch pillows fit watches with bracelets from 6.9” to 8” (17.5 to 20.5 cm) in girth. The pillows are made of soft polyurethane and will never scratch your watch or bracelet. You can control the interior light and adjust any settings of the watch winder remotely.

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