Power Strip,Witeem Surge Protector with 12-Outlet (1875W/15A,4360Joules) and 4 USB Charging Ports (5V/6A,30W),6Ft Extension Cord,Wall Mountable Overload Protection Outlet for Home & Office, Black: Home Audio & Theater

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Witeem surge protector not only has powerful protection functions such as powerful surge protection and overload protection, but also can transform the protection system into visual information and pass it to family members. Each lit indicator light indicates that Witeem surge protector is working normally, otherwise we can take corresponding protective measures in time. Each maximum 2.4A usb port can quickly charge your device. A total of up to 6A can allow more charging equipment to enjoy fast charging services. When the total demand current of the charging device exceeds 6A, Witeem power strip will start the protection mode and distribute the current reasonably, which will reduce the charging efficiency and even stop the work of the USB port until the charging device is reduced. Witeem surge protectors are sufficient to withstand power ratings up to 1874W. When the electrical equipment exceeds the maximum power, the safety system will automatically identify the danger and turn off the power automatically in time, effectively reducing the economic loss caused by equipment damage and improving the safety of electricity. 6Feet refractory PC shell is wrapped with high-purity copper wire up to 15A, which means it has better conductivity, lower heat, higher power, longer use distance and higher safety. The hard shell protects all electrical components and ensures that the surge protector will not be easily damaged by external forces. The fireproof shell can withstand temperatures up to 1382°F (750°C), which maximizes safety performance. 1875W / 15A heavy-duty design power strip can supply power for more electrical appliances. Humanized safety design is the basic element of every Witeem power strip. Note: Safety shutters have been designed to avoid that children and thoughtless adults put other objects that plugs into sockets. If you feel hard to plug in the socket, you could try to apply more force.

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