Quick Make-Up Stencils, eyebrows, eye shadow. A makeup tool with a variety of shapes.: Beauty

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                     Use demonstrationExample: 1. ➤【Eyebrow】With your brush apply color inside eyebrow shape, pressing shadow as you move up towards eyebrows point.For a stronger look apply color with a slightly dampened brush.Remove Stencil,wipe clean,flip over&repeat same steps on other eye.   2. ➤【Top eyeliner】Place Top Eyeliner Stencil on upper lid along lash line.Hold in place with index & middle fingers.For athinner,place stencil close to lash line.For a thicker line place slightly above.Using your brush,sweep color along the black guideline.Remove Top Eyeliner Stencil,wipe clean,flip over & repeat on the other eye.   3. ➤【Smokey Eye】Place Smokey Eye Stencil over eyelid & fit securely in crease of eye.Hold in place with index & middle fingers.Using your brush,apply eye color inside smokey eye shape,pressing brush along the inside arch of stencil.Repeat this step for a darker eye makeup look before removing stencil.Wipe clean,flip & repeat on the other eye.   Product includes shape:Classic eyebrow,Star eyebrow,Temperament eyebrow------Dramatic eye make up,Smokey cat eye,Almond eye make up,Top liner,Cool thin tone,Charming eye,Middle tone,Natural thin tone,Classic smokey eye,Natural eye-------Cat eyeliner,Extravagant eyeliner,Fish tail eyeliner,Classic eyeliner.Please purchase Youbeat store products, others are counterfeit. If there is a problem, Youheat assumes no responsibility.

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