Lightning X Premium Rip-Away Individual First Aid Kit for Vehicle Head Rest - RED: Health & Personal Care

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The LXPB50 is designed to universally attach to any vehicle headrest. The main bag attaches to the rear base via a hook & loop panel so that it can be easily removed in the event of an emergency with only the pull of your hand. The base is fully adjustable to fit a variety of different sizes of head rests. It will also attach to backpacks, motorcycles and more! The front of the bag is covered with a laser-cut hook & loop MOLLE panel for storing additional tools or attaching additional gear. The LXPB50 is a very versatile first aid kit. The bag can be opened while still attached to the base on a headrest and three tiered panels are revealed. The top two panels have various sizes of elastic tool loops in addition to pockets for storing supplies. The bottom panel is a zippered mesh compartment that is also easily removable via the hook & loop attachment to the bag. All supplies stay securely in place when the bag is opened and the panels are revealed. The LXPB50 hook & loop rear panel allows for quick "grab and go" detachment. Wherever you go, this kit can go with you. Heavy duty elastic loops and secure packing holds all of the supplies in place, even on the go. With all of the included real world medical supplies, you'll never find yourself in an emergency situation without being prepared. You can trust Lightning X for all of your first aid needs. Stay safe out there, but accidents do happen... so be prepared!

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