Kitsch 100% Satin Pillowcase, Vegan Silk Pillowcase, Standard (Leopard): Home & Kitchen

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The kitsch pillowcase with a zipper closure will become your newest nighttime necessity. Unlike cotton pillowcases, the satin or mulberry silk construction reduces friction between your hair and won't agitate your strands while you sleep, allowing you to wake up frizz free and ready to take on the day! Not only does the material reduce breakage and damage to your strands, but you can wake up with fresh, naturally beautiful hair each and every morning. Preserving hairstyles for women with all hair types, these pillowcases also reduce the need to frequently style your hair with heated tools. Enjoy the skin and hair benefits of satin or silk while you sleep. Satin – a vegan-friendly alternative to silk – is naturally cool against your skin, and will not absorb your hair and skin’s natural moisture like a standard cotton pillowcase. Using a satin pillowcase promotes healthy hair by allowing it to retain your hair’s natural oils, reducing dryness, breakage and tangles. Similarly, silk pillowcases do not absorb moisture so your skin stays hydrated while you sleep. Rougher fabrics such as cotton, wool, or flannel can loosen the hairs from your eyelashes and eyebrows when you sleep. Both silk and satin materials are so soft that they allow your face to glide smoothly against the pillowcase, helping to keep fragile eyelashes and eyebrows intact while also reducing friction that can cause lines and wrinkles on your skin. Providing a soft, smooth feeling to ensure you get a good night's rest, Kitsch pillowcases are beautifully crafted in high-quality satin fabric or luxurious mulberry silk. The satin fabric glides smoothly on your skin and hair, allowing you to wake up beautiful and refreshed! Mulberry silk – the smoothest natural silk on the market – is also gentle on hair and skin. This hypoallergenic material offers anti-aging benefits, helping retain moisture which can be beneficial for wrinkle prevention. Dream in style with many looks to choose from. Opt for a seamless look with a classy solid color, add a bold look with a stripe or dot pattern, or go wild with an adorable leopard print. Despite which fabric and color you choose, you can enjoy multiple skin and hair benefits while you sleep – reducing nighttime friction for anti-frizz, promoting anti-breakage benefits for your hair, preventing sleep lines and protecting eyelashes. Get a good night's sleep with kitsch's satin sleep set! In addition to the queen satin pillowcase, this set comes complete with a matching satin eye mask and a volume scrunchie! Satin doesn't absorb moisture unlike cotton, so your skin stays hydrated while you sleep for a more youthful, fresh complexion. Since the silky material glides over your skin instead of rubbing against it, the pillowcase, scrunchie and eye mask can also help to protect fragile eyelashes, eyebrows and hair.

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