Bdecoru Hanging Hammock Chair Large Swing Chair | Sitting and Reclining Positions | 2-Layer Fabric for Extreme Durability | 2-Tone Beige and Gray Plus 2 Cushions and Side Pocket | Indoor/Outdoor Use: Furniture & Decor

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Price USD:$61.98*



Truly - the specially designed chair will last for years and years. Specifications: * Double-layered cloth hammock where the layers are sewn together for extra strength * 2-Tone beige and gray * Cotton and polyester mix ensures your comfort at all times * Cotton hanging ropes for esthetics and strength * Extra fabric which turns the hammock chair into a hammock bed * 10x8 inch pocket * Two 17.5”x17.5” cushions to match the color scheme of the hammock with zippers for easy cleaning * Holds up to 285 lb in weight * Comes with its own canvas carrying case. Important! Young children should never be left alone in the chair.

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