TekMat TEK-42-MOLONLABE-TEK Multi, One Size : Sports & Outdoors

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Molṑn Labé is a classical expression of defiance. When the Persian armies demanded that the Greeks surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae, King Leonidas responded with this phrase. Instead, the Greeks held Thermopylae for three days. Although the Greek contingent was defeated, they inflicted serious damage on the Persian army. Though a tactical defeat, Thermopylae served as a strategic and moral victory, inspiring the Greek forces to crush the Persians at the Battle of Salamis later the same year and the Battle of Plataea one year later. Gun enthusiasts now use this slogan as a rally cry for gun rights and the 2nd Amendment. Meaning that no one, no government is going to take our gun without a fight. Now you can show your allegiance and pride in owning firearms with this unique Molṑn Labé TekMat Door Mat. Each Molon Labe door mat is dye sublimated by hand in our factory in Salt Lake City. The rubber substrate will ensure the mat does not slide around while the vulcanized rubber will give the door mat padding. All of these materials are weather resistant and will stand the test of time on your door step.

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