AWD Medical Soft Silicone Tape for Scars Removal – 1.6” x 120” with Silicone Gel Sheeting - Painless Easy Removal Hypoallergenic for Surgery | keloids | C section | Burns | Breast Lift | Ostomy : Beauty

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Silicone scar tape have been used for decades to treat cutaneous scars and continuous breakthroughs have been done to innovate this process. And with continuous innovations, we have come up with our own Medical Grade Silicone Gel Tape! It’s a silicone adhesive that is safe and effective in scar management– it has been used for years and backed by multiple studies. This is not your regular scar cover up skin tape as it can cover a larger area with its dimension. But how does it work? It works by providing hydration to the outer layer of the skin by patching a semi-permeable silicon tape on your scar, it provides an appropriate amount of oxygen to patch the moisture loss which occurs overly in scar formation. With the reduction in moisture, collagen production is reduced which soften and flatten scars. Our silicone tape provides bondage to skin and is comfortable to wear for both long and short term wearing. It’s hypoallergenic, breathable and resistant to bacteria and moisture thus preventing susceptibility to infections. collagen

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