LED Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlight with Helmet carabiner clip, Waterproof Headlamp for work, camping, hiking, hunting - -

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Hi-Quality, Super Bright LED Headlamp and/or hand held Flashlight. Water resistant making it ideal for biking camping, running, fishing, cross-country skiing, hiking and works in good or inclement weather. Additional Benefits of this light Ideal tool for those impromptu around the yard searches/inspections, emergency automotive work or inside the home during power loss. Frees your hands enabling you to focus on the task at hand! Lose something in your car under your seat? This headlamp is ideal to help find it! This Headlamp is ideal for impromptu needs as well as planned outings. Keep it close by the door to grab as you need on your way out, you will regret not buying it. Need to figure out why there is a water gushing sound in the back yard where little to no light exists? Cha-Ching!! This is your best friend! Need to find the cat that slipped out between your legs at night while paying the pizza delivery person, Badda-BING, Badda-BOOM! Saved!

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