GRYPHON Solo Pro Indoor Field Hockey Stick, Made With Performance “X” Factor : Sports & Outdoors

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Get into the flow you want with this great structured stick, designed to get your performance up and running and those goals in the back of the net. With a light but strong design this stick allows you to focus on your touch while still being strong and sturdy to pinpoint your passes. Your feel on the ball is good, allowing you to have smooth quality control and silky skills. Since it began, Gryphon has been an innovator in stick manufacturing. Fast-forward 30 years and the brand is still pushing the limits in a dynamic global market, proudly displaying its Australian heritage. Stick performance is influenced by the following factors: Resin matrix, which is the chemical structure that binds the different composite fibers together. Material composition - but most importantly, how these materials are used, which is what we call the “lay-up”. The lay-up is the Gryphon performance 'X' factor. It's an art, a sixth sense based on years of experience and the knowledge of how to best achieve the desired result of power and achieve a crisp feel to allow instant response from the player’s hands for exceptional ball control. Pressure achieved in the molding process increases the laminate strength.

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