3-Stage RV/Marine XXL Inline Water Filter | KDF/GAC/Quantum BioFiltration | Removes Bacteria, Viruses On Contact | Last 4X Longer | Filters Chemicals, Insecticides, Chlorine, Lead | Made in The USA |: Automotive

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Warning: Do not use where water is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality. This filter is designed for outdoor use only. Always use a pressure regulator to limit water pressure to 60 PSI or less. Always ensure water pressure is regulated to 60 PSI or below. Do not allow the water filter to freeze as this will damage the unit. Do not use any type of anti-freeze to winterize this filter unit. Protect filter from freezing by not storing it outside during below freezing temperatures. Do not winterize with antifreeze of any type. Media is NSF 42 and 61 Certified. USA Adventure Gear’s 3 in 1 inline water filter is a three-stage inline water filter. The three stages are KDF, Granular Activated Carbon, and Quantum BioFiltration. KDF keeps bacteria from forming inside your water filter while it is stored and not in use. Granular Activated Carbon filters chemical impurities such as organic compounds, insecticides, and chlorine removing bad taste and odors making water taste better. Quantum BioFiltration is a catalyst with activated surfaces that removes bacteria with minimal contact time at high flow volumes. Quantum BioFiltration is the newest technology on the market and is changing water filtration as we know it. BENEFITS: FEATURES: Dimensions 2.5 inches diameter/ 12 inches in length/ 1.8 LBS

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