Newest Universal Remote Control for All Samsung TV Replacement for All LCD LED HDTV 3D Smart Samsung TVs Remote: Home Audio & Theater

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Key Features: Replaces the Samsung BN59-01199F remote for most standard Samsung TVS and Samsung Smart TVS,Including smart hub buttons.Especially suitable for BN59-01199F AA59-00666A AA59-00741A. This remote controller is very portable, ergonomic, does not require much space, and is compact, making it easy to master and not easy to slide. Compatible TV Models (FXZA models are also compatible): UN32J4500AF, UN32J5205AF, UN32J525DAF, UN40J5200AF, UN40J520DAF, UN40J6200, UN40J6200AF, UN40JU6400F, UN40JU640DF, UN43J5200AF, UN43JU640DF, UN48J5200AF, UN48J5201AF, UN48J520DAF, UN48J520DAFDXN, UN48J6200AF, UN48JU6400, UN48JU6400F, UN48JU640DF, UN50J5200, UN50J5200AF, UN50J520DAF, UN50J6200, UN50J6200AF, UN55J6200, UN55J6200AF, UN55J6201, UN55J6201AF, UN55J620DAF UN60J6200, UN60J6200AF, UN60J6200AF/XZA, UN60J6200AF/XZC, UN60J620DAF, UN60JU6390F, UN60JU6400, UN60JU6400F, UN65J620, UN65J6200, UN65J6200AF, UN65J620DAF, UN65JU640, UN65JU6400, UN65JU6400F, UN65JU640D, UN65JU640DAF, UN65JU640DF Specification: Shell Material: ABS Package Weight: 65(g) Battery Required: AAA x 2 (Not Included) Remote Range: More than 8 MetersWarm Tips:As the remote don't need to set-up, so the remote without an instruction book!

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