Magnetoe Nail Fungus Remover Treatment Revolutionary Laser Device, For Home Use, Safe, Quick, Painless Therapy Treatment For Toes And Fingernails, No Side Effects, Portable, Cure Fungus Onychomycosis : Beauty

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Looking for Revolutionary Home Use Nail-fungus Treatment Laser Device of nail fungus and save you money? Would you like a device to treat nail fungal infections which using groundbreaking technology? Our Nail Fungus Treatment Laser has latest innovation in Laser treatment. No more Onychomycosis, no more embarrassment, order now! Therapy principle: Magentoe 905nm device treat nail fungal infections (Onychomycosis, which combines pulse laser radiation and blue light energy, resulting in a synergetic therapeutic effect). Laser irradiation will penetrate the infected nail plate and target causative pathogens residing on the nail bed. As a result, the infection will be greatly alleviated and gradually eliminated. Lasers produce coherent light energy of a sufficient strength and of a specific wavelength which when projected into tissue is differentially absorbed by the target material, producing heat and hence tissue destruction. Other tissue components are unaffected and so spared. Parameters: Laser Wavelength 905nm Blue light wavelength 470nm Laser Type 1M Advantage: Clinic test approved Easy to Use, Compact and portable No side effects, painless, safe pure physiotherapy Economic and effective in killing onychomycosis 905nm infrared cold laser light therapy combined with 465nm blue light for disinfection. Note: Each infected nail should be done at least once a week. Laser treatment consisted of four sessions with one week interval, during which all infected nails were irradiated three times with laser light so that the nail plate was fully covered each time. 

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