Bodyprox Baseball Sliding Shorts for Men, Compression Padded Slider Shorts : Sports & Outdoors

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Expandable waistband for a perfect, snug fit for maximum comfort throughout the game. Protects hips and glutes against abrasion while sliding Allows freedom of movement. With quick sweat-wicking technology feature and it excellently provides flexibility that conforms to the shape of thigh and legs Since it was designed for a non-contact sport like baseball, it was made to keep the body protected from any minor injuries while sliding and diving. Made from 82% polyester, 11% spandex, and 7% quilted sponge strategically placed on the side panels giving an additional sheet of protection. Produced with a specialized sweat-wicking compression fabric technology keeping the body cool, dry and comfortable during the action. It was designed for unconstrained mobility during competitive baseball matches. Although made to withstand slide after slide, it is so flexible and comfortable it will go unnoticed during the game play so you can focus on performing at your best game yet! Padding on each side ensure to protect from impact and abrasion at the hips and sides of thighs. It’s hard to find shorts that are comfortable and also offer protection. Bodyprox Padded Slider Shorts for Men incorporate innovative impact-absorbing quilt sponge that protects the player when sliding tackle, diving or get tackled! Brings out the confidence to move and give it your best!

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