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The main loading tray slides back and forth, accommodating notes 4.33” to 7.08” long, 1.96” to 3.34” wide and 0.002” to 0.005” thick. Whether face-up, face-down or a mixture of both, custom sizing helps prevent jams and ensure smooth operation. An extra large screen clearly displays the current bill count. Simple one-touch buttons allow you to set a custom batch quantity [default 100], add additional batches, power the various counterfeit detectors on and off, or reset the counter to zero. A built-in handle makes transporting the device a breeze; just flip up the bar to carry from home to car to office and beyond. A bonus brush also helps extend the life of your device. Use to clean the optical sensors near the counting roller and trays. Your set arrives with an optional secondary display so more than one person can get in on the counting action. Plug the cord into the main unit, then position the display where customers can see. Perfect for banks, retail businesses, restaurants and more. Using multiple screening methods—ultraviolet, magnetic and infrared—the counter automatically flags questionable bills, saving you the trouble of manual examination. Listen for the beep and look for the error message to determine the issue. Count bills at lightning speed! An advanced system of sensors ensures no bill is left behind. Once loaded, bills are tallied and filtered to the output tray via our swift-stacking wheels. Accurate counting at amazing speed—every time! b>Every bill countsTo save time and boost productivity, keep track of your cash with this professional Money Counter from Logia. Designed for efficiency, portability and ultimate ease of operation, the compact device swiftly counts your banknotes while screening for counterfeit bills, sticky chains, half-notes and other quality (and quantity) concerns. Use the touch-button LED to set a custom batch, add new batches to your running tally, authenticate bills via ultraviolet, magnetic and infrared detection, and keep track of total bill count as the machine works its calculation magic.Full Features ListAutomatic Counting – Rapidly and accurately counts bill added to the hopper, displaying total via LED display Batch Function – Lets you input a custom batch amount to separate bills into specific quantities; Default is 100; Use +1 and -10 buttons to adjust to desired amountAddition Function – Add a new batch to your running tally without losing your count; Press twice to end the functionHalf-Note Detection – Unit stops and beeps if a partial note is detected; Bill will always appear as the last one in the stacking trayChain Note Detection – Detects overlapping or ‘sticking’ bills to prevent miscalculationAutomatic Self-Check – Unit performs self-diagnosis process upon startup to ensure all parts are working properly and accuratelyAutomatic Zero Clearing – When you insert a new batch of bills, the unit automatically starts at zeroCounterfeit Alarm – Unit stops and beeps when a counterfeit bill is detected; Bill will always appear as the last one in the stacking trayUltraviolet Detection – To check counterfeit notes simplyMagnetic Detection – To check counterfeit notes more accuratelyInfrared Detection – To check double notesOptional External Display – Allows for more than one person to view the count

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