RapidFire Tennis Jumbo Rebounder [9ft x 7ft] | Adjustable Rebound Net – Groundstrokes & Volleying : Sports & Outdoors

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Tennis Jumbo Rebounder [9ft x 7ft] – For Groundstrokes & Volleying Practice This high-quality tennis rebound net will bring a whole new dimension to your tennis training. Designed to offer something for all ages and abilities, the jumbo rebounder is the perfect choice for tennis clubs and home use in the back garden. Created exclusively using premium-grade materials, this tennis training accessory will deliver exceptional longevity and features the unique ability of allowing the user to change the angle which enables you to tailor the difficulty to the skill level of the player. Jumbo Tennis Rebound Net [9ft x 7ft] – test your groundstroke & volleying skills Rebounder frame is manufactured using powder-coated 1mm thick steel Rebound Net is crafted using 30ply twisted HDPE netting with 25mm knotless mesh Tennis Rebounder features an adjustable angle (4 set positions) Rebounder is 100% weatherproof & suitable for any flat playing surface Fast assembly process allows you more time to practice your game Complete package includes; Frame, Rebound Net, Bungee Ties, Net Tape & Tensioner Everything about this rebound net has been created to deliver world-class durability. Suitable for indoor & outdoor use, the frame has been engineered using 32mm OD steel which allows it to easily cope with regular use. The netting, which comes with net tape to represent the height of an actual tennis net has been manufactured using 30ply Twisted Polyethylene to help give excellent bounce, so your tennis ball will be consistently returned to you. Each rebounder comes with a pack of elastic net ties included. This 9ft x 7ft Tennis Rebounder has been created using top-quality materials to give it supreme durability. The frame features 32mm powder-coated steel whilst the netting has been made from 30ply twisted HDPE twine. Unique to other rebounders, this Jumbo Rebound Net allows you to alter the angle to four different positions. This allows the user to adjust the difficulty to suit the skill level of a player, giving them the perfect practice conditions. This versatile tennis training accessory is just as good in the backyard as it is being used as a high-quality tennis training tool. The consistent return of the tennis balls gives players excellent shot opportunities to develop their game.

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