Rinkmo Electric Tankless Water Heater 18KW 240V Instant Hot On Demand Residential Electric Water Heater for Bathroom Bathtub rv Whole House Shower Sink Small - -

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Approved. No above bad things happened under Rinkmo, you can enjoy your life without this terrible things even you have hard water. Not worry about the hot water even you have a long shower time. No need to preheat, 3s you can get the hot water you want, no annoying delay and cold water. Just turn on the tap or shower. It can run both of our showers and dishwasher/washing machine without issue, up to 3 x faucet, 2 x shower at the same time. Well suited also good for homes in the Northern U.S. and Canada or in the southern U.S. that have large Roman-style or Jacuzzi tubs that have generally more demanding water usage needs. Rinkmo use high quality temperature sensors and smart flow sensors, it is very important for our using experience. So you can still get stable temperature water instead of scalding hot water, when you reduce flow rate or low water pressure. The water temperature will not fluctuates anymore when you take shower and bathe baby. -Auto protection: when it is detected that the outlet temp reaches 167 ° F (75 ° C) ,the system immediately cuts off heating for safe. -Temperature abnormal reminder: The display will alarms if the inlet water temp <37° F, or the outlet temp >167° F Save space design, allows you install it in non-traditional spaces such as the utility room, basement, garage, attic, crawl space or even a closet. Easy to read digital temperature display, no any complicated requirements for installation without minimal noise output. Size: 18x14x3.7in Weight: 11.2lb Well sealed packaged that you can get a intact product, no any dented or damage. 1. Compared to traditional tanks water heater: Rinkmo instant Electric Tankless Water Heater only turn on when you need hot water, reduce the store heat loss, saving up to 50% in water heating costs, and you can get the fresh water. 2. Compared to other Electric Tankless Water Heater: Totally solve most of safe problem and high maintenance costs, more cost-effective under our Original Water Pipe and Electricity Heating Separate tech: 304 stainless steel water pipe, healthy. No mineral builup, no need to clean it. No dirty water You don't need to ask a plumber to repairing machine multiple times. Real savings for your future cost, time and money. Rinkmo Electric Tankless Water Heater not only for home use, but also for many other commercial places where need instant, endless and safe hot water, such as: apartment, barbershop, hotel, beauty salon, gym center, restaurent and so on. More Smart Design: -High quality sheet metal shell, fireproof -Screen shows actual outlet water temperature clearly instead of the setting temp, safer -Machine will auto stop if no water be heated. -Adapt to 2 voltages: 240V/208V both ok, just 1 button to set it when install -Cleanable filter Determining your average inlet water temperature is important, this allows you to determine how well your unit will perform in your desired location. Next you will determine how many applications your unit can run simultaneously at your chosen location inlet water temperature. Next you will determine how many applications your unit can run simultaneously at your chosen location inlet water temperature. 18000 watts240 volts

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