CRIOO LED Bedside Reading Lamp,Eye-Caring Bedroom Desk Lamps,Touch Dimming,Nightlight,Aluminum Alloy Metal,Portable Minimalist Office Table Light for Studying Computer and Hobby (Gold): Home Improvement

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No blue light means that through technical means, the short-wave blue light with a wavelength of 400-480 nanometers in the light is filtered out, thereby reducing the damage of blue light to the retina. Illumination is a physical quantity that reflects the intensity of light. Its physical meaning is the luminous flux irradiated per unit area. Having 1975 Lux products is an excellent choice for family members. CRI refers to the color rendering index. Based on the standard light source, the color rendering index is set to 100, and the color rendering index of the remaining light sources is lower than 100,The color rendering index is expressed by Ra,The larger the Ra value, the better the color rendering of the light source,Our product Ra exceeds 95

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