Udaily No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults, Elastic Silicone Shoe Laces for Sneaker: Shoes

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High Elasticity- Rubber shoelaces are made of silicone and are tough and stretchy. As they have nice give to get on and even make the shoes more comfortable while wearing around. They stay on your feet securely, don’t slip around or cause your foot to bounce inside the shoe. Time Saving- Each tie goes from eye hole to eye hole, they stay the clean look laces without ribbons flopping around. No need to worry they will get caught or drag on the floor, and easy to wipe off when dirty. No more spending long time to re-tying your boring shoes and cleaning them frequently again and again. Long Lasting- Silicone no tie shoelaces are incredibly durable and none of them have broken or come loose despite being on the feet of a super active kid for several months. Hold perfectly all day under extreme working conditions. Udaily Silicone No Tie Shoelaces to Turn Your Shoes Into a Slip-on

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