MONS Magnetic Patch, Magnetic Acupressure Patches, 1200 Gauss, Magnet Therapy, Light Magnetic Energies (90): Health & Personal Care

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Helps relieve muscle aches, wrists, shoulders, back pain Korea Badminton Association official sponsorship product Medical magnetic generator! Medical device GMP mark certification Skin Stimulation Patch Excellent elasticity and adhesion, permanent magnet keeps efficacy even during exercise or bath Minimal side effects with low stimulation of 600 Gauss Medical magnetic generator to help relieve muscle pain. Sold widely in South Korea. [Effects of MONS MAGNETIC PATCH] 600-gauss Magnetic Energy A device that relieves muscle pain through magnetic force from a 600 gauss permanent magnet. Strong Adhesiveness MONS MAGNETIC PATCH does not fall off easily as it is breathable and adhesive, also, it is less sensitive on the skin. Replaceable Permanent Magnet Since the magnet is permanent, it can be attached to a new patch once the patch loses its adhesiveness. [PRECAUTIONS] - If you are under treatment, please consult with a doctor before using. - If you have sensitive skin, please apply the patch after testing. - Apply the patch on parts where you feel severe muscle pain or discomfort. - If the painful area changes after applying the patch, please apply the patch on the change area. - Avoid direct sunlight and please store in a dry place. - Do not place it near cards or electronic devices that react to magnetic energy. - Stop the use immediately once you feel any abnormalities. - Do not use in places of hot temperatures. - Storage instruction : Store at room temperature (15°C ~ 25°C) Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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