EARTHQUAKE 33970 Victory Rear Tine Tiller, Red : Garden & Outdoor

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The Earthquake Victory Pneumatic Wheel Rear Tine Tiller offers the ultimate combination of power and size for creating and maintaining a beautiful garden. The Victory features a 212cc Viper engine that delivers optimal power to the rear-mounted counter rotating (CRT) tines which have aggressive soil turning capability. If you are using the Victory in already tilled soil, the counter-rotating tines will greatly assist your efforts by thoroughly mixing the earth to provide a nutrient and air-rich seed bed. In addition to power, the Victory is right sized to be easy to handle due to its compact footprint. This compact and powerful combination allows you to till the most stubborn soil when breaking new ground while also providing an incredibly maneuverable tiller for row maintenance during the growing season. With the industry leading instant reverse functionality, you can effortlessly move back and forth and turn in tight spaces without having to shift. Adjustable handlebars and drag stake give you the tools you need to customize the tiller to meet your needs and the needs of your garden. The Earthquake Victory ensures performance and is backed by a 5 year and US based customer experience team.

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