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Our cat tree only take up a little space, the size of this cat tree is great for small space or people who don’t want to clean up a corner for installing a traditional large cat tree. Your cat will have a fun time exploring their new toy. They can scratch, sleep on this cat tree, claw up and down to enjoy their window seats happily if you install next to window. It is also good enough to exercise and muscle your cat. Step 1: Find the baseplate which the screw hole is in the middle. Install the shortest screw one and nut from the side that facing to floor as the picture show. Step 2: Put one of these three post on the baseplate (except the post with the spring that will be used on the top), twist the screw and make sure it was tight enough to install the next plank. Step 3: Put one of the three large screw to the post and make sure it was twist to the bottom. Step 4: Put on one of the three plank and it is better to have them in RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT or LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT, so that your cat can climb fluently. Step 5: Put the post and twist it tight on the plank to make sure it will stay firmly. Repeat the last steps…… Final Step: Put on the top post with the spring, make sure the pole right through the spring and hold tight to the ceiling. You will receive 4 plank and 4 post, one pack of screw, 2 tube and a round rubber disc. Plank: W27cm(10.6inch) * L43cm(17inch) * H1.5cm(0.6inch). Post: Dia.9cm(3.5inch) * H55cm(21.6inch). Overall Height is Adjustable: H230cm(90inch) ~ H285cm(112inch). The two tube can be jointed together or not, it is up to the height of your ceiling. The round rubber disc is for increasing friction and prevent the ceiling from damage. The cat tree is all covered with soft and thick carpet cloth which help relieve your cat’s instinctual need to scratch and dig their claws into something. The carpet covering is durable, ensuring long-lasting and easy to clean. This floor-to-ceiling cat tree ranges in height from 90inch to 112inch and can be secured to the ceiling using our spring loaded pressure pole to help hold tension to the ceiling and using our white round rubber disc to make sure it is tight to the ceiling nicely and will not damage the ceiling. Adjust the height with the top support attachment, and it will stay firmly in place.

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