PURELINE RF9999 and RF3375 Water Faucet Replacement Filters. Compatible with PUR RF9999 & RF3375 Water Faucet Filters, PUR Classic, Advanced, and Horizontal Faucet Mounts. (3 Pack): Industrial & Scientific

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See more product details PURELINE was founded with the belief and mission that every human being is entitled to clean and safe drinking water. We started this mission with our focus being exclusively on refrigerator filters. However, at the request of many of our current customers we have expanded our filtration technology into other areas. One of the products we now offer replacement filters for is the PUR RF-9999. Our TRIPLE ACTION Filtration technology makes the PURELINE RF-9999 replacement filter a filter you can rely on to remove all 26 harmful contaminants from your drinking water. The PURELINE RF-9999 is compatible with almost all PUR pitchers and dispensers. Regular Carbon Block Most generic filters on the market use regular carbon blocks. These filters utilize only one method of filtering contaminants known as mechanical filtration. Depending on the pore size of the holes in the carbon block will dictate whether the carbon block can removes smaller contaminants such as particles, pesticides, and ect... Advanced Carbon Blocks PURELINE uses advanced carbon blocks. An advanced carbon block utilizes three methods of filtration, mechanical filtration, electro-kinetic adsorption, and physical adsorption. Mechanical filtration is the water passing through the pores of the carbon block, contaminants getting trapped, and not being allowed to travel with the water as it passes through the rest of the carbon block. Advance carbon blocks are made with active coconut to allow the carbon block to develop a positive ion charge to pull the pollutants out of the water via their negative ions. Physical adsorption pulls remaining pollutants. PURELINE filters remove large and small pieces of dirt and sediment that may be in the water as it travels through the pipe system in your home to your refrigerator. Removes Chlorine in your water to ensure that the water will taste great as well as ensure you cannot be harmed as chlorine can cause cancer, heart disease, and other complications. Heavy metals in your drinking water can cause brain damage, damage to your nervous system, kidney failure, as well as cancer. All types of different particles of metals get into your water as they travel through the pipe system of your home. The PURELINE filter makes sure they don't get into your drinking water with our TRIPLE ACTION FILTRATION technology. Our filters remove micro-organisms through the adsorption process and the physical removal as it passes through the micro-pores of the carbon block. PURELINE Filters provide you with an end product of fresh, clean, and great tasting water for you, your family, and all your friends. The heavy metals, chlorine, particles, and other dangerous contaminants in unfiltered drinking water can cause cancer, organ failure, and other illnesses. PURELINE uses advanced filtration technology to make sure that these contaminants do not get in your water.

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