DNC Soft Silicone Back Scrubber Shower Bath Body Brush with Long Handle, BPA-Free, Hypoallergenic, Eco-Friendly (Gray) : Beauty

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Soft Silicone Back Scrubber Shower Bath Body Brush with Long Handle, BPA-Free, Hypoallergenic It is difficult to rub soap properly on your back with just a regular sponge or brush, which is why we have designed the magnificent and durable long handle silicone shower body brush which makes it easier to scrub your entire body. The ease and convenience of this brush is great for easily cleaning your body from front to back. The durable ergonomic design ensures this is a quality product that is made to last. The high-quality materials used to craft this brush make it long lasting and durable. This brush measures 14.8 inches x 3.3 inches which is the ideal size for a shower body brush. It is lightweight and can be used easily for the entire duration of your shower. Being BPA-free it is safer for the body. Bisphenol A is a harmful organic synthetic chemical compound that can damage your body. Since this brush is 100% BPA-free, you can use it safely without worrying that it will cause you harm. This brush is suitable for exfoliating dry skin and cleansing the entire body. Now you can bath and shower with comfort. Grease accumulation, skin cleaning is not thorough. The skin are damaged with rough back scrubber, causing skin allergy and itching. Not cleaning in time, the skin become dull. Silicone Shower Brush Use Steps: Step 1 :Bath in warm water for about two minutes. Step 2: Wet the brush head with warm water. Step 3: Apply shower gel on the brush. Step 4: Mildly rub the brush to have abundant foams by hand. Step 5: Clean your body with the brush. Step Step 6: Rinse the brush and hang it to dry.

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