Amener Portable Mini Soap Paper Sheet(150 Sheets) Disposable Hand Soap Flakes Scented Sheets for Washing Outdoor Camping Hiking Bath 3 Boxes With 6 Compressed Cotton Towel Tablets: Beauty

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AMENER is a registered brand under TMark law protection, Reg. No. 5216915. All of electronic set products are exclusively sold by AMENER, which focused on perfect quality, remarkable design and simple elegance. We believe that our products are not only providing high-end technology, and also represent part of our users lifestyle. Bringing technology & service integration to electronic accessories is our essential business. All of our products use superior materials, practical and decent office accessories sets, best gifts for your family, friends, colleagues, students, employees for Birthday, Anniversary, Graduationary, Holiday, Hanukkah ,Christmas, Thanksgiving, NewYear,Business, Houswarming, Parties etc. Customization is welcomed! Clean your hands 150 times with the Amener dispoable soap paper. 50 sheets/box. 1. Sealed plactic box. Sealing the soap sheets inside the box, taking 1 piece each time to wash your hands, can enormously keep the items clean and dust-proof. 2. Detachable box design-for easier storage,cleaning and refilling soap sheets. 2 plates which covering the upper portion of the soap box are both detachable. When you may need to clean the box throughly or refill more soap sheets in it, this design makes it much convenient. All raw materials of the soap paper are extracted from plants. With decontamination factors, deep cleaning your hands safely and no side effects. With small amount of water, they disolve quickly and with much foam, very easy and quick to use. Your hands become fragrant after using this soap paper. The soap's in her hand,the flavor in mine. This will be very good gift idea for family and friends. The soap box size is smaller than a palm of an adult, which allows users to put it in the bag, pocket, purse, handbag and backpack. It is a good helper no matter if you are staying at home to keep your hands clean or going out for travel, business, shopping, sports, hiking, camping, running, picnics or others.

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