Teeth Whitening Kit with Led Light, RENPHO 32LED Accelerator Light Teeth Whitening Kit for Sensitive Teeth Whitener, 3X4ml Non-Sensitive Gels, 35% Carbamide Peroxide, Mouth Tray, Built-in Battery: Beauty

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This teeth whitening kit is 32XLED light, Which can whiter your teeth in a shorter time and last longer time. This premium teeth whitening kit is AT-HOME products, and the universal shape of the mouth tray is comfortable to wear. Packaged in RENPHO sophisticated packaging, it is very easy to carry and store RENPHO tooth whitening kit will not cost lots of time, only 16-Minutes every day, While you are watching TV at home or you are cooking, you could connect our product with your Phone and start to whiter your teeth. Tips: No need to count the time, our smart tooth whitening would be auto-ended after 16 minutes. Step 1: Rinse your teeth with water and then apply our Tooth Whitening Kit to the surface of your teeth! Step 2: Choose the right USB adapter, connect your phone and start teeth whitening. The whole process only takes 16 minutes! Step 3: Rinse your teeth with clean water. Our teeth whitening kits are waterproof, need to be rinsed, and then stored in RENPHO specially made, delicate boxes.

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