Innoo Tech Digital Water Timer, 2020 Upgrade Programmable Faucet Watering Timer with Huge LCD Display, Waterproof Automatic Sprinkler Controller for Garden Yard Lawn Drip Irrigation Watering System: Home & Kitchen

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1. Connect faucet connector and fix it with buckle 2. After connect the faucet adapter, attach it to your faucet connector 3. Attach the water pipe connector 4. Attach the water hose to the hose connector AUTO - Timer waters according to your customized schedule (Rain delay pauses- you can press this button to pause your programmed setting for an interval to avoid over-watering and water waste.) SET CLOCK - Set the time of day. Turn the dial to SET CLOCK, Using the +/- buttons, set the time of day, including AM and PM, Turn the dial to save changes. START TIME - Select what time you would like watering to start. Turn the dial to START TIME, Using the /-buttons, set your start time, including AM and PM, Turn the dial to save changes. HOW LONG - Determine how long to water. Turn the dial to HOW LONG, Using the /-buttons, select the watering duration from 1 to 300 minutes, Turn the dial to save changes. HOW OFTEN - Choose how often you will water. Turn the dial to HOW OFTEN, Using the /-buttons, set your watering frequency. You can choose to water every 6 hours, 12 hours, or from 1 to 7 days, Turn the dial to save changes. OFF - Turn off all watering. Watering a large area of plant everyday is really tiring. This Multiple Functions automatic electronic irrigation timer is great for watering home garden planting especially suitable for the people are not at home or too busy to take care of their family garden. Really effort and time saving in garden management. The smart watering timer is ideal for watering lawns, flowers, plants and pots in gardens, vegetable gardens, patios, etc. It’s also applicable in sprinkling and drip irrigation systems, rain buckets, pet water feeding, etc. 1 x Watering Timer(Battery Not Included) 1 x Faucet Connector 1 x Faucet Adapter 1 x User Manual

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