AIHOM 2 Shower head System(Valve Included), Black Shower Trim Kit With Top Spray, 5 Function Hand Shower And Tub Faucet - -

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The soft silicone nozzle, Just wipe off calcification or mineral residues with your fingers and enjoy a shower immediately. We are more thoughtful for you. Includes high-quality bathtub nozzles for even more value for money. When the pressure of cold water or hot water supply changes suddenly, the temperature can be automatically adjusted to the set temperature (no need to re-adjust) to avoid hot and cold problems/scald accidents, especially suitable for children/elderly/people with limited mobility The water switch and temperature adjustment are controlled by a single-handed handle. When the handle is opened, water will be discharged from the bathtub nozzle by default. If the bathtub nozzle is closed, the top spray will automatically discharge water, which is simple and convenient to operate 5 modes top spray water, 5 modes hand-held water, and tub spout water Ordinary shower + spray: the water is fuller and richer, and soft, suitable for full body shower Shower + massage: large area of ​​water and strong water effect, suitable for people with long hair Massage: strong water, suitable for partial shower massage Ordinary shower: a large area of ​​water, the temperature will not change when showering Spray: large water area, soft and rich, use when washing your face The disc can assist the main body to be fixed on the wall: when the tiles are attached, the spool protective sleeve can prevent the cement from flowing into the spool and causing the spool to not work

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