Hanger Diversion Fireproof Safe with Small Fireproof Bag - Hidden Safe Compartment for Home & Travel - Secret Safe for Money Stash, Cash Hiding - Water Resistant Pocket Safe Under Clothes - -

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Compared with other hanger diversion safe, our HIDDEN SAFE is equipped with Fire & Water Resistant Compartment + Additional Fireproof Money Bag With fireproof FIBERGLASS LAYER, the COMPARTMENT FOR VALUABLES can withstand temperature as high as 2000°F. Thus provides much SAFER protection of your valuables than other money stash spot or stash can. Meanwhile, the Silicone Coating Layer also provides great WATER-RESISTANT protection, which enables our hanger cash stash to perform reliable in all weather conditions. What's more, we offer an additional FIREPROOF MONEY BAG, all to bring you peace of mind for any emergency. With ENLARGED DIMENSION of 17.5" x 16.5", our hanger safe could STORE MORE valuables. The LARGE OPENING of our Secret Storage could fit most CLOTHES HANGER in the market (clothes hanger is NOT included). The DURABLE ZIPPER, enlarged HOOK & LOOP CLOSURE & REINFORCED SEAMS provide MORE SAFETY for your valuables. ROLOWAY is a PROFESSIONAL brand, which provides TOP CLASS Fire-resistant Products in the market for years. We strongly suggest you trying our Diversion Safe Container. No matter where you LIVE or where you TRAVEL to, everyone needs an emergency plan. This home safe hidden compartment / money safe for cash is the perfect SECRET SAFE money storage for your daily life. Compared with other normal stash safe, our FIREPROOF HIDDEN SAFE is equipped with Fire & Water Resistant Compartment + Additional Small Fireproof Bag. All to KEEP your CASH, CREDIT CARD, PASSPORT, DOCUMENTS well PROTECTED in all weather conditions and emergency. We suggest using LARGER GARMENTS, such as coats or sweaters to better hide this SECRET MONEY STORAGE out of view. You can have money, credit card, passport, documents, picture SAFE, and stash HIDDEN FROM SIGHT. Meanwhile, there are 2 INNER POCKETS safe to better hide money & stow your small valuables. Thanks to the NON-ITCHY SILICONE coating, the SMOOTH SURFACE enables you to EASILY CARRY your valuables for business travel safe, office, or home use.

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