Jricoo Faucet Water Filter, 304 Stainless Steel Water Filtration System,High Water Flow Tap Water Purifier for Kitchen,Removes Lead, Flouride & Chlorine - Fits Standard Faucets: Home & Kitchen

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WHY USE A FAUCET WATER FILTER SYSTEM? Tap water may look clean, but it can contain harmful contaminants such as lead and fluoride. Lead will cause damage to nervous and blood system, etc. Excessive fluoride may cause fluorosis. The filtered cleaner water keeps you away from the endangerments of lead and fluoride while leaving beneficial minerals, which is vital to your health and helpful to revitalize your body. WHY CHOOSE JRICOO WATER MOUNT FAUCET FILTER ? Jricoo water purifier housing is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is safe and durable, and there is no need to worry about the release of harmful substances by inferior plastic water purifiers. Let your family and you enjoy healthier water. Our filter element has a 5-layer ultrafiltration + ACF filtration system with an accuracy of 0.01μm. It uses the most advanced activated carbon fiber (ACF) filtration technology and ultrafiltration (UF) technology to improve taste and remove dirt, sand, rust, etc. keeps you away from the endangerments of lead and fluoride . Our Jricoo water faucet water filter comes with four different sizes of connectors, 20.50CM diameter male connector, 21.50CM diameter male connector, 23.50CM diameter male connector and 19CM diameter female connector, so you don't have to worry that the faucet water filter cannot be connected. We provide high quality after-sales service, if you have any problems during the installation, you can contact us at any time. At the same time, if you are not satisfied with our products, we also provide a 30-day refund or replacement service. Making you satisfied is the purpose of our service.

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