Oakley Holbrook Rx (Matte Black) 0.75mm Pb Leaded Glasses X-Ray Radiation Protection Safety | AR Anti-Reflective Fog Free Lenses: Industrial & Scientific

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See more product details Our leaded glasses for radiation protection are proudly made in America with the most durable approved frames, and glass lenses from the world's leading lead lens manufacturer Corning SAS. Corning leaded lenses use ultra-refined lead oxide, for unsurpassed protection, quality, and optical clarity, providing up to 20% more light transmission than other leaded glass lenses. Our x-ray radiation leaded eyewear comes standard with 0.75mm Pb lead equivalency, which will block 99.9 percent of the scatter radiation generated during fluoroscopic procedures. Our leaded eyewear is manufactured by skilled opticians in the U.S.A. utilizing state of the art robotic free-form lens surfacing technology which allows us to provide the highest quality glasses available on the market. Our eyewear is CE Marked, ANSI Z87 approved, ISO Certified, and made in America. Two year limited manufacturers warranty covers workmanship under reasonable use. LEADED EYEWEAR IS DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR X-RAY FLUOROSCOPIC PROCEDURES TO REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF SCATTER RADIATION EXPOSED TO THE USER. No explicit guarantee can be made concerning the level/amount of radiation protection due to the variables in different procedures/protocols. WARNING: This item is not shatter proof, and is not indicated to be used as impact safety glasses. Warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, dropping, accidents, loss, or scratches to the lenses caused by the user.

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