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Following the pressure point pattern tennis handle grip we are selling, the new matte is now officially launched. This sweat-absorbent overgrip is more suitable for athletes who sweat a lot, and the matte dry texture is more suitable for the intense summer tennis competition. Package include: 6 pack Color: Black Size: 44.3"*1.0"*0.3" Package size: 5.0"*4.0"*1.5" Package weight: 0.26lb Material: Polyurethane Suitable for: Tennis racket, Badminton racket, Squash racket, Baseball, Fishing rod, Bicycle handlebar, Golf, Table tennis racket. Use the winding step: 1. Press (start) on the side of the bottom cover of the handle. Generally, the double-sided adhesive tape will be attached to the beginning. Fix the sweatband according to the gesture. If you are holding the left hand, the direction is opposite. 2. Hold the handle of the left hand finger to make it rotate clockwise, while the right hand controls the direction of the hand gel to align the hand gel. The edges of the hand gel can overlap each other. The amount of overlap depends on personal preference, generally 2mm. 3. The beginning part of the hand gel is narrower. When winding, start from the bottom of the handle. First align the edge with the bottom of the handle, and slowly rotate the handle to make the hand gel around the handle. 4. Note: When winding, the force should be even, not too loose or too tight - too loose is not only unsightly, but also easy to loose or wrinkle; too tight will make the hand gel deformation, while the hand feel will also too hard. 5. Wrap it to the top of the handle. When the hand gel covers the handle, use a pair of scissors to cut the hand gel into a diagonal opening for easy sealing. 6. Start sealing. At this time, the double-sided adhesive tape of the first step works to seal it.

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