Wireless PC Controller, Built-in 500mah Battery, USB Connection, Remote Control Game Board for Sony Playstation 3, PC/Laptop Computer (Windows XP / 7/8 / 10) & Android & steam (Black): Computers & Accessories

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Description:1: Multiple compatibility mode: PS3 / PC / laptop computer / Android, Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10, Tesla Model 3, TV box, phone2: Simple connection: the wireless handle defaults to PC mode. After the receiver is inserted into the device, press the home key to power on, the red light flashes to enter the power on mode, the red light flashes to enter the matching mode, and wait for 1-2 seconds for the P light to stay on, which means that the connection has been successful, and enter the pc360 mode (XInput). If you use (Tesla Model 3, TV box, phone) on an Android device, please press and hold the home key for 7 seconds. The X light is always on and the connection is successful. Enter Android mode. The Sony Playstation 3 host can support the use of 7 controllers at the same time. The USB receiver is the default channel, and the P light is on after power on The connection is successful, and you can start to experience the game. (Note: all connections only need to operate "home" once and wait for the P or X lights to come on. No more than one operation is required)3. Built in lithium battery, controller contains (500 MAH lithium battery), which can work for 5-6 hours after charging, saving the trouble of installing battery.Tip: this controller does not support Xbox 360 / Xbox one / Mac OS / PS4/Fire stickPackage: controllerreceiverdata lineinstructionif you have encountered will not use the situation, please contact us, we will answer your doubts!If you purchase goods, you can charge them to experience the game. Avoid long-term insufficient inventory of products and inability to connect to games.

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