The Atomic Bear Firewand Starter Survival Tool - Hemp Wick - Start a Campfire - Hiking Gear Camping Gear Fire Starter Kit - Works with Flint or Survival Lighter - 36" Waxed Wick Tinder Included: Sports & Outdoors

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If you're like me, you are the type who likes doing things the right way. The Fire Wand is the fire starter tool that you have been looking for. Pull your ferro rod or your lighter, light the hemp rope quickly and take your time to properly ignite your tinder. Your Fire Wand comes with 3 sets of hemp rope measuring 13 inches each. We source a high density material for a longer combustion. Here are the characteristics of the material DOES NOT smell of petrol or anything at all Nine strands densely twisted for easy fraying while maintaining the rope integrity Is NOT sticky Compact and easy to roll Easy to find replacements Slow and steady burn time up to 60 minutes per piece The very fine threads of the hemp rope lead to a high surface so that it catches a spark easily. No matter how you ignite yours, it will catch fire quickly! The flame goes away when the rope is pulled inside the aluminum tube.

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