IROCH Expandable Garden Hose - Blue Expanding Flexible Water Hose Pipe with 8 Function Spray Gun/Hose Hanger/Storage Bag/Various Fittings (75FT) : Garden & Outdoor

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Product Features 1. The water pipe has the magic function of 3 times automatic expansion and contraction: it can be automatically extended after passing water, and automatically retracts to the original length after closing the water. 2. Wide application (used for car washing, indoor and outdoor door and window, floor cleaning, gardening and gardening spraying, household sanitation cleaning, etc.). 3. Small size and easy storage. 4. Rotating water splash adjustment design, with 8 patterns of water outlet methods. 5. Internal boost, long range. 6. Easy to install and disassemble, saving time and effort, and fast installation in three seconds. 7. Cooperate with the water-foaming brush to facilitate cleaning, protect the cleaning surface from harm, and efficiently save time. 8. Good quality, long service life, high-elastic inner tube, high-density cloth sleeve, no knotting, no hardening, and small folding volume. Super wear-resistant. 9. The humanized design of the spray gun, the triangular metal ring at the spray head can effectively support the switch, so as to realize automatic long-term water spray, more labor-saving. Precautions for use 1. The marked length is the use length after 3 times of elongation after watering. The effect of elongation is related to the water pressure. Too low water pressure will affect the elongation effect of the water pipe! 2. Using the water pipe on the smooth roads as much as possible. After using, drain the water and properly stored to increase the service life of the water pipe. 3. Hot water is not allowed. 4. The position of the joint cannot be pulled hard. 5. Do not use the car to press Package Include 1x 75ft Garden Hose 1x Spray Gun 1x Hose Hanger 1x Hose Storage Bag 1x 2/4" Adapters 1x 3/4" On/Off valve 3x Rubber Washer 1x Manual

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