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The fuselage is made of 304# edible stainless steel, which is rustless, frost-resistant, high temperature resistant, and excellent sealing.1: Five-stage quality filtration system. The repeats filter element is a pure five-level filter. Level 5 filter, respectively: PP cotton filter, anti-scaling carbon rods, softening silver resin, ultrafiltration membranes, activated carbon filter2: Drink straight water3: Retain minerals4: No electricity. No wastewater5: It is easy and quick to replace the filter element6: No barrel design, no spaceFilter element introduction and service life Description1: PP cotton filter core: filter small particles and impurities such as silt, rust, and suspended matter in water. The replacement period for 6 to 12 month2: Dirty carbon rod: with super adsorption ability, can effectively remove the different color, odor, and residual chlorine in the water. The replacement period is 12 month3: Soften resin: softening water quality effectively, alleviate scale, narrowing the scope of power effectively. The replacement period is 12 month4: Ultrafiltration membrane filter: can effectively intercept tiny suspended solids, rust, colloid, etc., filtration precision is 0.01 microns, can filter straight drinking water, mineral retention and change cycle 12 to 24 month5: Silver: activated carbon adsorption impurities, residue in water in a different color, smell, improve taste, make water sweeter. The replacement period is 12 monthNote: The above filter replacement cycle is for reference only. The life of the filter element varies with the water quality in different areas. Specific replacement time according to the local water quality and the use of the situation, generally a year for a change

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