Beauty Planet 20X & 15X Magnifying Mirror Set Combo,6Inch 15X Magnified Mirror with 3 Suction Cups, 4 Inch 20X/1X Makeup Mirror with Handheld/Stand, Use for Makeup Application(Combo): Furniture & Decor

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4 Inches 20X/1X Product Diameter:3.93in,10cm; 4 Inches 20X/1X Mirror Diameter:3.23in;8.2cm 4 Inches 20X/1X Mirror Length with Handle:7.48in;19cm 6Inches 15X Product Diameter:5.9in,15cm; 6Inches 15X Mirror Diameter:4.92in,12.5cm Storage bag makes you easily to take the mirror with you anywhere; True image side is for your ordinary make-up, the 20X&15X side makes you easier find your brow line, the wrinkles that need extra cream, or anything else you may be missing. Please stay away from children, as this is not a toy. More Using Instructions: ❤️ 4Inch 20X/1X Mirror with adjustable handle easily converts 3 ways - handheld, hang, or fold into a stand, so you can use the mirror on any surface. ❤️ 4Inch 20X/1X mirror one side is 20x magnification for close-up applications and the other is true image. ❤️ Please make sure the 6Inch 15X mirror suction cups are fully affixed during using; the suction cups are strong, don't worry about falling off; Please make sure the surface is smooth like glass, mirror etc. material.This mirror can also be unmounted to use hand held; ❤️ Please wipe the fingerprints or stains with the provided non-dust cleaning cloth to keep the mirror look new. ❤️ Do not scrub the mirror with chemical reagents to prevent the mirror from corrosion or discoloration. ❤️ Keep the mirror away from sharp objects, to avoid your mirror being damaged. ❤️ The transparent label on the mirror surface can be easily removed. ❤️ When you looking at 20X &15Xmirror side,you must start up looking into the mirror closely at about 2inches away from your face(but within 3inches) and then move slowly until you've got a best focus to ensure look it clearly.❤️ Please kindly double check out if this size mirror too small for you.

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