PhonePeace Basic The Best Call Blocker That Stops All unwanted landline Calls: Electronics

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Are you tired of all the annoying ringing from landline calls you don't want to receive? PhonePeace Basic stops them once and for all. You program in a list of numbers you want to receive ("Firends List"); all others are sent to voicemail with no ring (or one ring depending on phone equipment). PhonePeace Basic holds up to 100 numbers and can be programmed with a keypad. PhonePeace connects between the wall and the phone. The unit comes with a power adapter, a phone cable, and PhonePeace. PhonePeace has a display that shows the incoming caller ID and whether the call is from the "Friends List" or blocked. The phone number memory is stored electronically and won't be lost during a power failure. If you need more storage and programming with a computer (Windows 7 & 10) see PhonePeace System. For more information go to www.myphonepeace. com

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