Huntury Lineman's Rope, Lineman Belt, Tree Climbing Harness, Quick, Easy And Quiet To Use For Climbing Stand, Hanging Deer Stand, Fall Protection From Treestand, 10Feet : Sports & Outdoors

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SPECIFICATIONS: Rope Diameter: 0.47 inch/ 12mm Rope Length: 10 feet(3M) Rope: Material: Polyester Rope Breaking Strenthen: 18KN (4000lbs) Carabiner Size: 3.9" x 1.8" x 0.4" (10x 4.7 x1 cm) Carabiner Material: Durable Steel Carabiner Breaking Strength: 9.8KN (2200lbs) Prusik Knot Diameter: 0.32inch (8mm) Rope Length: 24 inch(60cm) Rope: Material: Polyester HOW TO THTHER YOURSELF TO CLIMB ON TREESTAND: hook the loop through your line man's belt or waist harness throw the strap around the tree, and hook your prusik to the other side of your line man's belt and use the stiff strap as a lineman strap or climbing strap. Works fantastic for this as you can use the prusik to slide in or out from the tree and work however you're comfortable. WHY YOU NEED THESE LINEMAN'S ROPE? Just do a google search and see how many hunters are hurt and killed each season by falling while climbing to hang their stands!! It is peace of mind for me and my family that if I slip or my ladder or stand fails, I will not fall. SAFETY FIRST, you can’t kill deer from a hospital bed! AT LEAST 4 WAYS TO USE FOR HUNGING: 1. It hooks directly to your safety harness and you slide it up as you go up to your tree stand and slide it down as you come back down the tree. 2. Tether yourself to the tree and free both your hand when hanging deer stand or treestand. 3. It can be used for a tree strap for fall restraint while on stand. 4. Way faster to make adjustments and versatile for bow hunters when shoot from the tree. PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1x Storage Bag 1x Hunting Rope 1x Prusik Knot 1x Ca.rabiner

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