Tuffy Grill Mat, 72" x 48" Rubber BBQ Grill Mat for Outdoor Grill, Deck, or Composite Deck: Garden & Outdoor

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Tuffy mats are designed and manufactured here in the United States using over 70% recycled rubber which helps reduce the number of tires being dumped into our landfills. The material has passed very stringent testing for safety. Tuffy mats are safe to use as a bbq grill mat or grill pad with your outdoor grill and barbecue, smoker, fryer, and kamado cooker! Whether you use charcoal, wood pellets, gas, or electricity as the heat source, our heat resistant mat will serve you well. Our mat is not fireproof, and is safe for use up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.Clean up is very easy because Tuffy mats resist animal fats, fish oils, grease, sauces and marinades; so with warm soap and water, you can bring the smooth rubber surface back to new. The ribbed bottom helps raise the mat slightly off the ground , we recommend moving the mat once in awhile to expose all areas of the deck to sunlight. Tuffy mats also work great as a garage oil mat, protective mat, barbecue mat, camping mat, patio mat...under trash and recycle bins, lawn mowers, motorcycles, ATV-UTV's and snowmobiles or while repairing any of these motorized products so little parts don't fall into the dirt or snow. Tuffy mats can be reversed with the ribbed side up making it a great mat to wipe your feet on before entering your cabin camper, RV, motorhome, tent, or garage door to eliminate most of the sand-dirt or grass stuck to the bottom of your feet. When the grooves fill up, pick it up shake it, and it is ready to go. With proper use and care Tuffy mats will last for decades.Please note, because our mats are made with fresh ground recycled rubber the mats have a very STRONG rubber smell when you first open the box, let it "air out" for just a couple of days and the smell will be gone.

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