Fireproof/Waterproof Safe Bag - Fire Resistant Bag to Protect Your Items, The FireSafe is Both A Document Bag & A Fire Bag, This Fire Resistant Document Bag Has Been Independently Tested.: Office Products

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Why Choose The FireSafe Fireproof Bags For Home? This fire-retardant, water resistant document holder has been designed for and tested in the Australian outback, home to many of the world’s most dangerous bushfires. It is fire-retardant to over 2000°F and features a dual closure system. It can be used to store a wide range of additional items such as passports, batteries and money one of the world’s best fireproof bags for cash.  Protect Your Items During An Emergency: Fireproof Document Bags WaterproofThe FireSafe is designed to store and protect your valuables items in the event of an emergency whether it be a fire or flood. In addition to being a fireproof bag, it is also a waterproof document holder. As such it serves as a dual purpose waterproof fireproof bag.  Document Bag Fireproof Waterproof Were Designed In AustraliaAustralia is home to some of the world’s harshest conditions and many of the most devastating bushfires in history. The FireSafe fireproof water proof container for documents has been designed for this incredibly tough & dangerous environment in mind. Tested By Independent Laboratories: The FireSafe Fireproof Waterproof Document Bags have undergone rigorous testing by independent laboratories. When purchasing a Fire proof water proof envelope, such a standard is essential as it’s your valuables at stake.  FireSafe DisclaimerLaboratories in Australia tested the FireSafe fireproof bag for documents and showed it withstood 2000°F for 3 Minutes and 35 seconds when exposed to direct heat. It’s important to note that when left in a fire for extended periods of time, none of the fireproof document bags on earth can withstand the rising heat radiance. It is best combined with a safe or used to store items prior to evacuation.&nbs

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